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A Literary Thank You

Tis the season… for thank you notes. My mom absolutely insisted on my brother and me sending thank you notes. For me, they were a task as dreaded as practicing the piano. I did them, but only because I knew my mom would be checking my spelling and cursive handwriting. Very sweetly, years later, we learned that my grandmother had saved every single one of those notes.

As my daughters got older, I made my girls write thank you notes. They did and still do. I recently admitted to them that I really don’t write a good thank you, and I really do not have an excuse, other than, lack of time, inspiration, and a good pen. We do have a lot of cute thank you cards, so that’s not an issue…

Well, the pen is easy - I really like a fine point sharpie, but that still leaves the inspiration and time issues. Lucky for me (and you, if you share the same thank you note dread), She Said It has you covered. We developed this cute “Thank You Note Tip Card” while working with an etiquette team from California. It actually makes writing thank you notes a dream - I used it for my thank you notes recently, and it was a refreshingly easy and fun task! It literally says, first do this, then this, and finally this…and you’re done!

This helpful little tip card can be found as a bonus in Bas Bleu’s most recent set of She Said It notecards - the Literary Thank You Card Set. This is a cute boxed set of six thank you cards - find them here. We also have a Thank You set available on our website which includes the tip sheet!

Really, do check out this set - I think you’ll like the designs and find the tip card helpful.

Happy writing - and our warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday,


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Rebecca DeGroodt
Rebecca DeGroodt
Dec 20, 2022

A tip sheet - what a great idea!

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