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Happy Spring

Wow, March has flown by -- it's generally a busy month for us as we have a few family birthdays and spring break. This year, our younger daughter was home for her spring break and we made a quick trip to Cincinnati to visit family, which is always so much fun. Anna will spend her spring break in California, but I'll be visiting at the end of April as She Said It will be participating in the Noted Expo at the Fort Mason Center for the Arts. I am busy, busy getting our booth ready! Right now I have a sample booth set up in our basement to make sure we (I) don't forget something.

My blog post in February generated a lot of feedback which was great - thank you! Since that post, we've printed a bunch of new cards, including, yes...the mentioned Elizabeth Blackwell card...

The quote is "iced champagne is really good" and is from a letter that Elizabeth wrote to her sister while Elizabeth was continuing her medical studies in London. It's kind of a frivolous quote from such a serious person, but we both liked it and I LOVE the card - the colors are really great.

A 2023 goal for She Said It is to expand our birthday card selection and I'm pleased to say we now have 6 new birthday cards with more coming. You can find them on our website along with a cute new thank you card that coordinates so well with the new EB card! Take a peek.

And, what am I reading? Well, I'm balancing 6 different books right now...they include two that I found at Lake Forest Bookstore -- Women Who Write Are Dangerous, Women Who Read Are Dangerous. These books are beautiful and simply fascinating. Last night, I read about Christine De Pisan (1364-1430), yes, that's 600 years ago. She actually supported herself through secular writing. Her husband died and she had no "male protection". It was a very different world for women in the 1400's. Christine needed income and worked as a copyist and writer to support herself and her daughters -- 600 years ago. I'm loving this quote from Christine, "A woman with a mind is fit for any task."

I'm also reading a book Anna gave me for my birthday, Operation Mincement. This is the true story of a covert mission by British operatives during World War II. It is super detailed and a bit of a slow start, but I'm enjoying it. Adam Grant's Originals is also open - it's part of the Greeting Card Association Bookclub and it discusses how individuals can recognize good ideas. There are some wild backstories shared about Seinfeld and Warby Parker. The book I've just started is Rousseau and Revolution, so a little French history. It's a long read and will take some time. And, finally, Iola Leroy by Frances Harper. Frances Harper was an American abolitionist, suffragist, poet, temperance activist and writer. She was one of the first African-American women to be published in the United States. It's a strong story and I'm hoping to find some quotes to use.

Whew...what a list...

Happy Spring, happy reading and don't forget to check out our new cards!



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