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I do so hate finishing books...

but I'm loving this petite chair....

Happy Friday! This post will most likely make Anna cringe...but sometimes you have to color outside the lines...

If you've read our bios on the She Said It website, you'll know that I've worked in bank marketing and in interior design. For the past 20 years, I've worked with the wonderful ladies at Sturgeon Interiors in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. Elizabeth (younger daughter) refers to them as the Sturgeonettes...they're all so talented and I've learned A LOT from everyone of them -- from design, business practices, recipes, you name it. I still work with them, but have also begun working a couple of afternoons a week at a new shop in Shorewood, Wisconsin, Home Again, as the "in house" designer.

Yesterday, this darling little chair from Home Again in Shorewood, Wisconsin came home with me...I think it's a "sample" chair. It's the perfect size for when little friends stop by our house for a visit, but in between those visits, it will make a cute base for vignettes. Augie tried it out immediately and I think found it to be a little tight (see photo below). Slightly surprising as he is just 9 pounds...but 9 pounds of energy...but that's another post...

I always need to move things around to find the best place and this little gem looks really cute in our family room next to the bookcases. I placed a few books on the seat and one of my favorite She Said It cards on an easel for fun (photo at top). Beatrix Potter's words are featured on this card -- "I do so hate finishing books." We found this quote in a book of her letters. Beatrix is best known for her Peter Rabbit books, but she was an incredibly talented artist, scientist, and an active and generous conservationist. "Miss Potter" is a 2006 movie that highlights her life. If you haven't seen it, it's worth watching. Beatrix Potter, A Life in Nature is a great book if you'd like to learn more about her life.

The books featured on the petite chair I also highly recommend. They are Women Who Read are Dangerous - how could I resist??; The Originals which I have not finished, but am really enjoying; and 1000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently which is a great read for the late teen and twenty-set.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday -- if you'd like to duplicate the little vignette try putting your favorite She Said It card on an easel on top of a stack of books and maybe add a little vase of flowers...a cute and easy way to perk up a small spot.




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