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It's a sunshiny day....

Our Florence Bascom card is our latest design and I think it's summer in a card. Blue and white is always right. Throw in some hydrangeas as a flower feature and you have one pretty card! Florence was a 19th century geologist and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For any Badgers out there, Bascom Hill was named after her dad and Florence has a plaque on the alumni walk by the union.

We've had a lot going on at She Said It. Aside from the new card design, we've attended a few trade shows this spring to get She Said It products to shops across the US. I was in Cincinnati in February and just returned from Noted in San Francisco. Anna worked the Noted show with me. It's always so much fun to see old friends and make new ones -- we have some of the BEST retailers and are always looking for more -- if there's a shop you think would be a good fit for She Said It, please let us know!

We are excited to announce that Elizabeth is officially joining the She Said It team. Elizabeth is my younger daughter and will be working on social media for She Said It. She will also will be attending the CI 2025 in New Orleans with me in June. If you follow us on Instagram, Elizabeth will begin taking over posting as soon as she completes exams in a week or so...I'm excited for you to meet her -- she's a dynamo and always has a fresh and fun take on things.

And, to wrap up, here's a little tease...Anna and I are working on a collab that features the words of our first contemporary featured woman. This young woman is truly a remarkable person and we are honored to have a chance to work with her. We will introduce you as soon we can...I know you'll be as inspired as we are by her achievements and encouraging words! Anna has been busy creating the art for this special project -- I know you'll just love it!

Have a wonderful weekend -- hoping you can enjoy a sunshiny day!



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