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Really, how does time go so fast?

The weeks seem to be moving faster...since our last post, I've been to San Francisco for the *Noted expo -- a big trade show featuring LOTS of card makers and paired with SF Now -- a trade show featuring gifts. Oh my it was exciting, fun and a lot of standing (maybe the least glamorous part of the job). Over the past couple of years, we've had a chance to get to know some of the other card makers and it's really a treat to see them in person. The bonus for me was spending time with Anna, who is now in Berkeley working on a PhD. She got her permanent lab assignment and is thrilled! She came over to San Fran for a couple of the days and then we hung out in Berkeley.

Here's a picture of our booth...I shipped the shelves and flowers (Etsy find) to Anna and hand carried the rest on the plane.

It was so great to spend time in California and away from "normal" life in Wisconsin. Nearly two years ago, we relocated my mom from Indiana to Wisconsin. It's a long, pretty sad story, but she has dementia and is living in a facility, a nice facility, but still a facility. I know this is a very common story, but I didn't realize the toll it takes until experiencing myself. A while back, one of our suppliers, who had also experienced parental dementia, suggested a card for caregivers would be welcome. After a recent visit with my mom, our "Be Cheery and Brave" card featuring Elizabeth Gaskell's words resonated with me and I think fills that need. What do you think?

Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865) was a novelist, biographer and short story writer in Victorian England. Her works provide insight into the lives of many different strata of persons living in Victorian society, including the poor. Her first novel, Mary Barton, was published around 1848 and was enormously successful. Elizabeth brought the "teeming slums" of Manchester manufacturing to life. Her turn of phrase and descriptions were described as the greatest since Jane Austen (not a bad start, huh?). Mary Barton was just the start...Elizabeth Gaskell's other works also provided insight to the living conditions of others.

So today, let's all "Be Cheery and Brave" and enjoy the day we are given!



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