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Happy Independence Day! On this very special day, we are excited and proud to announce our collaboration with the US Navy's BLUE ANGELS. LCDR Amanda Lee is the FIRST FEMALE F/A 18 Blue Angels fighter pilot. To celebrate this milestone, She Said It and the Blue Angels have developed a line of stickers and stationery products featuring quotes from Amanda.

LCDR Amanda Lee, a Minnesota native, is the first contemporary woman She Said It has featured and we are honored. Prior to flying with the Blue Angels, Amanda completed two combat deployments, over 1800 flight hours and more than 225 carrier-arrested landings.

You might wonder why a woman hasn't flown with the Blue Angels before...well, Katie Higgins Cook was the first woman to fly with the Blue Angels - she piloted "Fat Albert", the C-130 that the Blue Angels use as a supply plane in 2016 and Fat Albert is the plane that opens Blue Angels demonstration flights. Amanda is the first female to pilot an F/A 18 fighter with the Blue Angels. The F/A 18 Blue Angels pilots don't wear g-suits (and these pilots experience EXTREME g's) and there is a 40 pound stick the pilots have to use to fly - so the combo of the Gs and the heavy stick = the pilots need to be super strong (sorry ladies, but guys are naturally stronger than we are). Amanda is one of the first women to have the physical strength needed to fly the plane. But, of course, there's more than physical strength that goes into the selection process -- check out the new 2024 Prime video documentary on the Blue Angels (Amanda is in it) to learn more!

Here's a pic of our new Blue Angels stickers featuring quotes from Amanda. I'm not sure which is my favorite...

You can order the stickers and other products as

So, let's all "Give it 110%", "Do things that make you nervous" and "Don't think about the obstacles" and celebrate the liberties of the United States of America.

Happy 4th of July!



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