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Saturday Surprise!

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

This morning, I had a complete surprise that stopped me in my tracks (or sips of coffee) and I must many of you know, She Said It cards can be purchased at Barnes & Noble Bookstores nationwide. Last summer, we were asked if She Said It art could be used on some planners and a wall calendar for Barnes & Noble. Of course we said, "YES!"

This morning, I did a quick scroll through the B&N website and YES...the planners have landed!! I got dressed and headed out to our local B&N and found them! And, here they are:

These are even cuter in person - nice quality and filled with She Said It art. The planner with the Beatrix Potter "opportunity" quote even has sweet little stickers that can be used to add extra embellishment to add extra flair and individuality.

The wall calendar (it's filled with our favorite designs!) should hit B&N and PaperSource stores in August.

If you're looking for a new planner for yourself or as a gift these are really cute and filled with some great inspirational quotes. Hope you check them out! The planners are available at select Barnes & Noble Bookstores nationwide or online NOW and the wall calendars will be at Barnes & Noble and select PaperSource locations by August!

Have a great weekend!



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