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Looking to add to your reading list?

One of our email subscribers suggested a wonderful idea of us sharing our favorite books that we have read recently! Below are some of the books we have enjoyed in the past couple months along with a short description.

Anna's Pick - nonfiction, science

WOOLLY: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History's Most Iconic Extinct Creatures

This gripping story describes current research that is working on de-extinction of the Woolly Mammoth. As an avid science-lover, this book was right up my alley and remains one of my favorite books I have ever read. Read this if you are looking for a nonfiction book that you can't put down! Our whole family read it and really enjoyed it!

Kathryn's Pick - fiction

The Sweeney Sisters

This is the third novel by one of my favorite authors Lian Dolan. Her previous novels were set in Pasadena, so the New England setting of this book was a surprise! The story follows the twists of life of three sisters who discover that they have a half-sister. Lian Dolan's writing style makes her books a treat to read! Read this if you are looking for a pleasant, engaging, and thoughtful story.

Anna's Pick - historical fiction, World War I

The Alice Network

The history of women's roles and achievements during the World Wars has always intrigued me, especially the work that many women did as spies. This book is based on true stories of a network of women spying for the Allies during World War I. This novel weaves together two different timelines, bringing characters together and revealing past secrets. Read this if you are looking for a darker, yet captivating historical fiction novel centered around the remarkable and courageous actions of women.

Kathryn's Pick - fiction, action

The President is Missing

I'm only about halfway through, but as you'd expect, this book is well-written and very timely. The president learns that the country is on the brink of a new "dark ages". This one is hitting a little close to home, given the current pandemic; however, it's a suspenseful, entertaining, and well-written novel. Read this if you are looking for some action and suspense!

Anna's Pick - nonfiction, Cold War

Spies in the Family

I am still reading this book; however, I wanted to include it as I am really enjoying it so far. Eva Dillon reveals the story of her father who worked to handle assets for the CIA during the Cold War. The novel focuses on one particular Soviet spy named Dmitri Polyakov whose work as an informant changed the course of the Cold War. The book is well-written and fascinating and includes details of the tradecraft used. Read this if you are looking for a page-turning nonfiction book!

Kathryn's Pick - classic fiction

A Room with a View

This story follows the story of two British female travelers as they venture to Italy on their Grand Tour. The writing of this book is absolutely beautiful, and it takes you to a by-gone era. Read this if you are looking for a relaxing book to take you to a different time. (can be a tad boring, but still worth reading)

Did we mention one of your favorites? Is there one you really want to read now? Do you have a book suggestion for us? Share in the comments below or send us an email!


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